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about me

i'm meryl, i.e., eyeshadow 2600 fm, the darksynth, synthwave, retro electro act from pennsylvania. welcome to my website! in my free time i have anxiety and i do some gaming! i'm also a trans woman who came out in 2012, and it's been a hell of a rocky road since, but the music i make has been the main driving force for me since 2017.

i discovered synthwave and retrowave in 2015 during my random excursions in second life, upon visiting a store in-world that was playing this fantastical music on a 24/7 schedule. from that point forward, i listed to it everyday, non-stop until one day at the end of 2016 i asked myself, 'is it possible i could make this music myself?'

and so started a journey that began at the beginning of 2017, where i experimented and learned, while simultaneously releasing those learning efforts as albums, until about midway through 2018 when i finally began to hit a spot where i was really happy with the sound i was producing.

if you like what i do, and would like to support my efforts, consider grabbing my albums from bandcamp (the lowest prices available), or donate directly. until spotify raises their royalty rates, my monthly income is pretty low—unless by some miraculous chance a whole bunch more people jump on my patreon (or subscribe via bandcamp).

in any case, though, thank you for visiting my little corner of the void ♥